Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sody Pop #2

This drawing was based on a Sody Pop picture I found long time ago, probably on Spumco web site:

Can you guess what was the inspiration for this drawing?

And finally, a picture inspired by this post on John's blog

Here are the construction sketches for these three pictures. They're a bit rough, and I just tried to get the construction and basic proportions of the characters close to the original, without going too much into the small details at this stage.

And here's a bonus George Liquor drawing from 7 days ago:


David Gale said...


Also, I love Jimmy's "fingers- tripping-over-each-other-in- excitement" hand.

Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

Holy shit! Good work as always, Ham The Man!

John must know something I don't ( actually about a million! ) because I keep looking at everybody's blogs and have seen people, with little or no training, pull off these AMAZING drawings in his style that still haven't been invited to the Secret blogs.

I guess the experience is completely necessary, because I see all these examples of great drawing the way he's taught, and even the ones that aren't directly his style... I mean, I thought, after watching APM, he'd be okay with different styles...

But, he's a genius, and good luck understanding a genius if you're a common folk like me.

If I were John, I'd be overwhelmed at how many people not only appreciate me, but also manage to understand and take to heart the lessons. I wouldn't be able to hire only a few people.

Anyway, you rock and I'll see you around.

- trevor.

PS: Thanks for putting us in the links! We're redesigning our links section to be little buttons as opposed to just links, and I'd like to add you, if it's cool.

Hammerson said...

David: thanks!!

Booo: thank you for the kind words! I've noticed the secret blogs... I guess only the people who participate in storyboarding are invited for now.
I think John is very exact in what he wants, and he can immediately spot the good points, and problems in any drawing. I'm not afraid of criticism, because it would help me to get back on the right track. I really want to improve my skills, because I often think of my artwork (both this, and my original stuff on the other blog) as a collection of mistakes.

No problem about the links. You can add either this blog, or my main blog.

Now I must scan those Slab & Ernie drawings... :)