Monday, June 2, 2008

Many faces of George Liquor

Here are some original George Liquor expressions, based on my quick pencil sketches.




I will add more George (and Jimmy) drawings to this post in the next few days.


JohnK said...

Hi Dragan

these have good lines but have lost the construction of the character

he's too wobbly, like he's melting

go back and read my tips in the George model posts

your pal,


Hammerson said...

Hi John,
thanks for the advice! I'm currently having a problem to find the right balance between good construction and spontaneous face expression (I went for some weird expressions here, but failed with the construction). I will practice more in the next few days, and pay great attention to this. Thanks again.

Hryma said...

Bajeebas Man! How hard is it!?' You just have to kindof laugh, not in a sarcastic or smartarse way but with a sigh, grin and bare it, try again.
That's how I feel.
You must be so close!!
I think they look fantastic:)

I'm gunning for ya!

p.s. Thanks for adding me on your 'more links', I am very greatful and honored!

Hammerson said...

Thanks!! I will try again, don't worry :)
I'm really glad that John pointed out what was wrong with the first group of GL drawings, so I won't repeat the same mistakes again. The other drawings in this post were made later, and I hope that some flaws have been corrected. They're still far from perfect, and I must practice much more. I'll have some fun with Sody Pop this weekend :)