Monday, May 5, 2008

More Liquor...

Here's the new one (I'll post the comparison later today):

First attempt

Second attempt

And finally, the cleaned-up and inked version. I really messed up the left wrist... it looks terrible! The crotch area looks suspicious too. The rest is OK (I think).

It's been a busy day, and I don't have much to show this time...
I attempted another of George's more specific expressions . This one has been rather difficult and frustrating.

First, John's original:

My pencil sketch. I didn't like it and the construction looked wrong to me, but surprisingly, of all five attempts, this was the closest to the original.

I tried a quick clean-up and inking on that one. Looks OK, though some of the subtleties are gone, and the drawing looks flatter than original (probably because of the construction problems from pencil sketch). The left eyebrow curve isn't accurate, and the bottom of the chin should be more rounded. The eyes and the mouth should be more precise too.

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