Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More George expressions

Another day, another Liquor :)
Here's a very funny action pose, really enjoyable to draw. For some reason, George here reminds me of another John's character, He-Hog the Atomic Pig. You can see John's original drawing here .

My attempt no.1. I thought the face was well done. But, there are too many discrepancies from the original, and the direct comparison clearly shows them.

Few attempts later... this one's quite accurate, with exception of the eyebrows and too long hands and legs (a mistake I've done on several drawings from the previous posts):

My final inked version, and I tried to stay as close as possible to the original:

Is it worthy of the name Liquor?

And, here's a color version, just for fun...

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Subect 645-3 said...

Hey, Hammerson, I have a problem and I wanted to know if you could help:

I've been trying to draw some George Liquor stuff, and since I did a John K. lesson on construction (I believe it's the one with Bugs Bunny), I've been working on drawing using construction. The problem I'm having is breaking George down to basic shapes.

Any suggestions?