Thursday, May 22, 2008

Heeere's Jimmy!

I will continue with George Liquor drawing practice, but for now here are few attempts to draw his nephew Jimmy the Idiot Boy. First, here's a clean-up and inking exercise I made yesterday:

This is the original pencil drawing by John K. It was posted several years ago, at Shane Glines' forum (I think). It's a very fluid and wonderfully constructed drawing (the wrist and finger actions are quite extraordinary).

Here's my attempt to clean-up, ink and color this drawing. It's not perfect, and I noticed plenty of things to improve next time:

Next, here are my versions of two Jimmy poses posted yesterday at John K. blog

My pencil sketches:

My final drawings, cleaned-up and inked:

Come back tomorrow for more Jimmy! I'll try to do some complex poses :)


amir avni said...

These are great!

Hammerson said...

Thanks! Your practice drawings and the methods of construction have been of great help and inspiration. I love the new stuff you posted yesterday (especially George Liquor with Kirk Douglas expressions).