Sunday, May 4, 2008

George Liquor #1

Well, let's get started... first, George Liquor's head in 3/4 view. The original drawing by John K:

Although he consider this a simple and relatively generic drawing, there are so many things going on here, and there's an amazing flow, economy and elegance of the lines and details. Attempting to repeat what he has done gave me completely new appreciation of his enormous skills. The construction of George's head isn't difficult, but there are so many details that absolutely need to be wrapped around the basic construction, and if any of them is failed, the whole drawing can look like crap.

OK, so here are my first two attempts... and they're crap! I immediately had the feeling they look wrong:

Quick comparison with the original confirmed my suspicions. Back to the drawing board!

This one looks promising. Not 100% perfect, but a big leap towards the right direction.

Next drawing - another 3/4 view of George's face. First, here's John's original:

My attempt. I thought it was good...

...until I compared it. Must do another attempt soon.

And here are my final, cleaned-up and inked versions of these two drawings. I'm quite pleased with them.

Here's a quick attempt to do the color version. It's still unfinished.

Now, can I repeat the trick with the whole figure? John's original:

My first attempt, and the comparison. Not bad, but also not perfect, the hands don't look good, and few details on the face are not clicking (the teeth especially).

I decided to give it a go, and try to clean-up and ink the whole drawing. So, here's the final version:

In the end, I tried with a more complex drawing and a specific expression. The original:

The not so successful copy. I'll soon do another attempt.

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Finally, He's getting a cartoon series on the internet!!! :)