Saturday, May 10, 2008

Angry George

Next two efforts, based on George Liquor's poses from "Man's Best Friend".

Pencil sketch:

Clean-up & ink (it was rather difficult, and some of the lines and forms look little bit lumpy to me, unlike the original):

The final version with added simple background and color:

Next pose, my first and third pencil sketch attempt (I'm not very satisfied with any of them):

The last one served as the basis for my cleaned-up and inked version. Again, I'm not thrilled with this. The inking is relatively stiff, and I missed some subtle curves and changes of the line thickness. The face seem to be OK, and the body needs some serious reworking (especially the bottom half). John's original can be seen here.

The final version in color:


benj said...

GReat Studies!!!
I really like the first drawing of this "Angry George" post.

Fuzzhound Lluis said...

Hello Hammerson!

Thanks for your comments, I appreciate them!
I think I still need to make the cabin a bit more cartoony though, gonna work on it! stylize it more!
Your George expressions are looking really good!! When George is Angry!! he's really Angry!!!hahaha
Well done & All the best